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Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor
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PDIC Compliance with Sec. 93 (Transparency Seal) R.A. No. 10155 (General Appropriations Act, FY 2012)
I.The agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their positions and designations, and contact information
a. Mandates and Functions
b. Vision and Mission
c. Key Officials and Contact Details
II. Annual Financial Reports (AFRs)
a. 2023 (Unaudited)
b. 2022
c. 2021
d. 2020
e. 2019
f. 2018
g. 2017
h. 2016
III.PDIC Approved Budget and Corporate Plan and Targets
a. Approved Budget
  1. FY 2024
  2. FY 2023
  3. FY 2022
  4. FY 2021
  5. FY 2020
  6. FY 2019
  7. FY 2018
  8. FY 2017
  9. FY 2016
  10. FY 2015
b. Major Final Outputs
IV. a) Status of Implementation and Program/Project Evaluation and/or Assessment Reports
b) Beneficiaries - Not Applicable
V.Annual Procurement Plan, Contracts awarded and the names of contractors/suppliers/consultants
a.Annual Procurement Plan
  a1. APP CSE
  a2. APP Non-CSE
b. Invitation to Bid, Notice of Award, Approved Contracts and Notice to Proceed
VI.Quality Management Certificates
a. Claims Settlement Operations and Assessment of Member banks including Support Processes
   a1. Valid until May 25, 2022
   a2. Valid until May 26, 2025
b. Real Property Disposal including support processes
c. Loans Management and Bank Examination including support processes
VII.System of Ranking Individuals
a. 2023
a. 2022
b. 2021
c. 2020
d. 2019
e. 2018
f. 2017
g. 2016
h. 2015
VIII.Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)
a. Reconstitution of the Committee reviewing the SALN
- Office Order No. 21 s. 2021 (no changes have been made)
- Office Order No. 27 s. 2020
- Office Order No. 49 s. 2019 (March)
- Office Order No. 28 s. 2019 (February)
b. SALN Submission and Guidelines
- Office Circular No. 2024-017
- Office Circular No. 2023-015
- Office Circular No. 2022-017
- Office Circular No. 2021-021
- Office Circular No. 2020-86
- Office Circular No. 2020-13
- Guidelines in Filling Out the SALN Form (no changes have been made)
IX.Freedom of Information (FOI) Documents
PDIC is a government instrumentality created in 1963
by virtue of Republic Act 3591, as amended, to insure
the deposits of all banks. PDIC exists to protect
depositors by providing deposit insurance coverage for the depositing public and help promote financial stability. PDIC is an attached agency of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
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