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Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor
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1.On Institutional Matters
 a. PDIC Charter
   a1. 2022 Edition
 b. List of subsidiares and affiliates
 c. Government Corporate Information Sheet
   c1. 2023
   c2. 2022
   c3. 2021
   c4. 2020
   c5. 2019
   c6. 2018
2.On the Board and Officers
 a. Complete listing of the Directors and Officers with attached resume, and their membership in Board Committees
   a1. Listing of the Directors and Officers with attached resume
   a2. Membership of Directors in the Board Committees
 b. Complete compensation package of all Board Members and Officers,
    including travel, representation, transportation and any other form of expenses or allowances
   b1. 2023
   b2. 2022
   b3. 2021
   b4. 2020
   b5. 2019
   b6. 2018
   b7. 2017
   b8. 2016
   b9. 2015
 c. Information on Board Committees and their activities
   c1. Information on Board Committees
   c2. Activities of Board Committees
 d. Attendance record of Directors in Board and Committee meetings
   d1. 2023
   d2. 2022
   d3. 2021
   d4. 2020
   d5. 2019
   d6. 2018
   d7. 2017
   d8. 2016
   d9. 2015
3.On Financial and Operational Matters
 a. Latest Annual Financial and Performance Report
     a.1   2023 (Unaudited)
 b. Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past five (5) years
     b.1   2022
     b.2   2021
     b.3   2020
     b.4   2019
     b.5   2018
 c. Quarterly and Annual Reports
 d. Current Corporate Operating Budget (COB)
       d.1 2024
       d.2 2023
       d.3 2022
       d.4 2021
       d.5 2020
       d.6 2019
       d.7 2018
       d.8 2017
       d.9 2016
 e. Local and foreign borrowings
 f. Government subsidies and net lending
 g. Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks
 h. Performance Evaluation System
4.On Governance Matters
 a. Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements
 b. Performance Scorecards and Strategy Map
 c. Organizational Chart
 d. Code of Corporate Governance (Revised on 21 December 2022)*
 e. CSR Statement
 f. Balance Scorecard
5.PDIC "No Gift Policy"*
6.PDIC Code of Ethical Behaviour
7.Whistleblowing Policy
8.PDIC Corporate Governance Scorecard
9.Environmentally-friendly Value Chain
10. Committee on Anti-Red Tape (CART) Directory

*These documents are currently undergoing revision. The final revised versions will be posted forthwith.
PDIC is a government instrumentality created in 1963
by virtue of Republic Act 3591, as amended, to insure
the deposits of all banks. PDIC exists to protect
depositors by providing deposit insurance coverage for the depositing public and help promote financial stability. PDIC is an attached agency of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
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