I. Filling up and printing/downloading of Claim Form

Step 1 – Click this link to go to the Claim Form Data Entry.

Step 2 – Fill-up completely and accurately the required data in the Web Claim Form and check one (1) preferred payment option in the Deposit Insurance Payment Options.

Step 3 - Click Preview to review the accuracy and completeness of data.

Step 4 – Print your claim form.

In the printed claim form, affix your signature under “Signature of Depositor/Claimant” portion of the claim form. Your signature should be similar to your valid IDs to be submitted to PDIC. For minor depositor, parent will sign the claim form.

Step 5 – Notarize the claim form with a notarial lawyer.

Step 6 – Scan or take photo images the original copies of the following documents:

a. The duly filled up and notarized claim form, including 2nd page ;

b. The evidence of deposit (first page with account name/number and last page with account balance of the savings passbook, front and back portion of the certificate of time deposit, etc.); and

c. One (1) valid ID with photo and signature of depositor such as: Driver’s license; Passport; Senior Citizen ID; GSIS/SSS ID; OWWA/OFW ID, etc.

Additional documents for:

d. Minor depositor (17 yrs. old and below) – Birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority or Local Civil Registrar.

e. Registered business entities/corporation/association – Registration certificate with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or Department of Trade and Industry, or Cooperative and Development Authority (CDA), or other regulatory agency.

II. Online Submission of Claim Form via E-mail

Step 7 – Send through email clear copy of all the documents mentioned in step 6 to

The email account indicated in your claim form should be used in submitting documents via email to

PDIC may require the submission of original copies of the submitted scanned documents and/or other additional documents, as necessary, in the course of its evaluation and processing of deposit insurance claims submitted via email.


* Scanned/imaged copy of document/s must be clear and readable and in jpeg/jpg; png, gif or pdf format.- 5mb

* For joint accounts: “OR, AND/ OR, AND”, each depositor should submit separate Claim Form and documents.

* The data to be encoded on the “Personal Information” portion of the Claim Form should be the data of the depositor who is claiming for deposit insurance.

*** The Claim Form Data Entry & Preview pages are best viewed in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome ***