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Claims Settlement
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Depositors (i) with validated deposit balances of P50,000.00 and below, (ii) with complete mailing address found in the bank records or updated through the Mailing Address Update Form (MAUF), and (iii) without any outstanding obligation with the bank do not need to file a claim.

They are automatically paid through postal money orders (PMOs) or checks to be sent directly to the depositorsí addresses via registered mail or courier services. Depositors may expect delivery of checks for their deposit insurance claims with account balances of P50,000 and below within 3 weeks from the closure of a bank.

Depositors who are unable to receive payment for their deposit insurance through PMO or checks must contact the PDIC Public Assistance Department at telephone numbers (02) 841-4630 to 31, or e-mail at pad@pdic.gov.ph. Depositors outside Metro Manila may call the PDIC Toll Free Hotline at 1-800-1-888-PDIC (7342).


Depositors with validated deposit balances of more than P50,000.00, and those with (i) outstanding obligations with the bank, and/or (ii) have incomplete mailing addresses, need to file a claim for deposit insurance at the designated site of the claims settlement operations.

Claims may be filed either:


  1. At the premises of the closed bank where the deposit account was maintained or at a designated site during the period of Claims Settlement Operations (CSO), as announced in the Notice of Depositors posted at the bank's premises or as published in a newspaper of general circulation or on the PDIC website, or

  2. At the PDIC Claims Counter located at the 4th Flr., PDIC Ayala Extension Office, SSS Building, corner V.A. Rufino St., (formerly Herrera St.), Makati City.

Through mail - to be sent to the following address:

Claims Processing Department
Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
4th Floor SSS Building
6782 Ayala Avenue cor. V.A Rufino St.
1226 Makati City, Philippines

Note: Filing of claims for deposit insurance will prescribe at the end of two (2) years from actual takeover of the closed bank by PDIC.


  1. Secure a Claim Form from any authorized PDIC representative. The Claim Form can also be downloaded from the PDIC website.

    Important Notice: The Claim Form is free of charge. Please report to PDIC any information for the sale of the Claim Form.

  2. Fill up all the entries in the Claim Form and sign the "Signature of Depositor/Claimant over Printed Name". Ensure that the signature in the Claim Form tallies with the signature of the depositor appearing in the bank records and the documents to be submitted to PDIC.

    1. Signatures of depositor on the Claim Form should be similar to the valid IDs to be presented.

    2. For minor depositor (below eighteen [18] years old), parent should sign the Claim Form.

    3. For By or ITF accounts, the agent can sign the Claim Form.

    4. For joint accounts: "OR, AND/OR, AND", each depositor in the joint account should accomplish separate Claim Forms.

  3. Submit the duly accomplished Claim Form, together with the following documents:

    1. Original evidence of deposit such as savings passbook, certificate of time deposit, latest bank statement including unused checks and ATM card. For joint accounts: "OR, AND/OR, AND", the evidence of deposit should be photocopied as many copies as there are depositors to the account.

    2. Original copy of TWO (2) VALID PHOTO-BEARING IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS (IDs) with clear signature of depositor/claimant such as Driverís License, SSS/ GSIS ID, Senior Citizenís ID, Passport, PRC ID, OWWA/ OFW ID, Seamanís ID, Alien Certification of Registration ID, Voterís ID, IBP. Please ensure that the ID number is clear and legible.

    3. Original copy of the Birth Certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO) or duly certified copy from the local civil registrar, for depositors below eighteen (18) years old.

    For depositors who choose to file their claims through mail the same set of document requirements must be submitted.
    PDIC will not accept claims which are incomplete/lacking in requirements.

  4. If the depositor is unable to file by himself, a representative may file in his behalf provided the representative will submit a duly notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA). If the SPA is executed abroad, it must be duly authenticated by the Philippine Consul near the depositorís residence.


PDIC will evaluate claim for validated accounts based on original evidence of deposits submitted, signature card, identification documents and other pertinent bank records.

  1. If all documents and additional requirements, if any, are complete, payment of deposit insurance will be released immediately.

  2. For claims with incomplete requirements, and mode of filing is any of the following:

    1. Personal filing - a Claim Status Sheet will be issued by PDIC to acknowledge receipt of documents submitted, and to inform of the status of the claim and/or additional requirements needed to complete its processing.

    2. Filing through mail - a letter-notice of the status/requirements of the claim will be sent by PDIC, if additional documents will be required.


You or your duly designated representative may follow up your pending claim through:

  1. Telephone inquiry by calling the PDIC Hotlines at 841-4630 to 4631 or toll free at 1-800-1-888-7342 or 1-800-1-888-PDIC.

  2. Email at pad@pdic.gov.ph or written communication addressed to:

  3. Public Assistance Department
    Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
    10th Floor, SSS Building
    6782 Ayala Avenue cor. V.A Rufino St.
    1226 Makati City, Philippines

  4. Inquiry in person at the premises of the closed bank, or at the designated site during CSO period or at the PAD Counter located at the 4th Flr., PDIC Ayala Extension Office, SSS Building, corner V.A. Rufino St., (formerly Herrera St.), Makati City.

  5. When inquiring by telephone or letter, ensure that the following reference information are mentioned:

    1. name of the closed bank;
    2. name of the depositor, and
    3. claim number and/or account number.

Downloadable Forms:
Claim Form
Special Power of Attorney
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